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Our Environmental

We’re proud to be
Carbon Neutral!

We reduce what we can,
and offset what we can't

At Ambutech, we’re committed to reducing the impact our company has on the environment. We care about sustainability, and are continually working to improve our environmental performance.

Local Offsetting

We offset any carbon emissions we’re unable to avoid by planting trees right here in the North West of England!

Our offsetting is fully verified, meets BSI’s PAS 2060 specification on carbon neutrality, meets the Carbon Footprint Standard and continues to take additional CO2 out of the atmosphere during the life of the tree.

How we're promoting sustainability:

Responsible Usage

We always aim to use electricity responsibly by switching off lights and other electrical items when not in use.

Efficient Devices

We only use devices with extremely low power requirements, many of which utilise rechargeable batteries.

Digital Systems

We utilise a range of electronic applications to reduce our paper usages and the need for printing.


We actively work to reduce our waste by reusing and recycling wherever possible.

Greener Commutes

We encourage our staff to use more sustainable modes of transport where possible.

Fleet Maintenance

Our fleet is modern and well maintained to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

There’s always more to be done in reducing our environmental impact, but we continue to monitor and review our procedures in order to bring about lasting and effective change.